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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount that we charge is based on the size (i.e. cubic feet) of the cargo that you are shipping. Please get in contact with our office with the dimensions of the cargo and we will be more than happy to quote you for your shipment. When the cargo arrives at our depot, we will remeasure the package and adjust the price if needed.

Yes. In order to cover freight, handling and documentation charges we have a very low minimum charge to make sure that everything is covered.

Yes. Even though we specialise in shipping to Caribbean, we can and do ship to practically any location in the world. We offer a service that is identical to our Caribbean service, including small shipments of personal effects, vehicles, and customers wishing to relocate.

Yes. Please click here to see our latest sailing schedule for your shipping requirements.

No. It is impossible for any shipping company to guarantee arrival times. JPLS will do everything that they can to make sure that your cargo arrives according to our sailing schedule, as detailed on the website, but we cannot control factors that are beyond our control that may affect the arrival time. We advise our customers who need to ensure that their cargo arrives by a certain deadline, to ship their items earlier to minimise the risk of missing a deadline in case of delays. Delays are more likely to occur during the peak season, which is from the end of October until the middle of December, so we ask customers to bear this in mind when shipping any cargo that is time sensitive.

Ocean freight charges are normally payable at the time of booking, but any charges that occur at the final destination are the responsibility of the consignee/shipper. In order to avoid any delays and unnecessary storage charges, we advise all customers that they pay the freight charges at the time of booking.

Yes. Debit cards and all major credit cards are accepted as payment from customers for their shipping.

Yes JPLS has an agent at every location that it ships to. Our agents can advise or assist customers with local customs clearance procedures and local charges. They can also arrange to send your cargo to an inland address, if you wish to do so.

Yes. JPLS are able to advise you on the best method for shipping your cargo as safely and cost effectively as possible. For full container loads from your home , we are able to offer this service in the South Florida area ONLY . Charges for packing and loading at your home will apply.

Yes. We can collect your cargo from wherever you need us to, provided that it is packaged and addressed adequately to ensure that no damage occurs during transit.

Yes. You can deliver your cargo straight to our warehouse no less than 48 hours prior to the closing date. We ask that customers contact our office before delivering to the warehouse so that we can make a booking and ensure that there is a space reserved in the container for your cargo – visit our Contact Us page.

You are able to deliver your cargo to our Miami site, at 10125 NW 116 Way, Suite 6, Medley, Florida, 33178.

You are. As the shipper, you are responsible for making sure that your cargo is adequately packed and addressed for shipment. Please remember that cargo can sometimes hit rough weather during transit and potential rough handling at destination warehouses which JPLS has no control over. You should always make sure that you mark the address of the consignee clearly on each package.

Yes. We can pack or re-pack at our Miami warehouse for a small charge.

Yes. We provide a range of different insurance solutions for shipments to any destination. You can get in contact with our Miami office to speak to one of our team members about your options for insurance.

Yes. Cars can be professionally shipped on car carriers. Every care is taken when loading cars to ensure that they are not damaged in handling or transit. US Customs must be cleared at least 1 week in advance of the sailing. Please contact us for detailed instructions.