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Drums, Barrels, Boxes, Crates and Shipping Containers.

JP Logistics Solutions supplies and delivers the very best quality drums and barrels as the lowest prices. All of our plastic barrels are brand new and our steel drums are newly painted as well as being lacquered on the inside to protect your cargo.

For large shipments, we supply 2 standard size shipping cases which we can professionally pack for you. You can choose large (5ft) or small (4ft) shipping cases.

You can request specific sizes of bubble wrap, pallet boxes and shrink wrap which can be made to measure and any other packaging that you need can be supplied should you need it.

We understand that some customers may wish to insure individual items; however, this can be very difficult as our insurance provider will insist on seeing proof that the missing items were actually loaded within the package and would also require an invoice verifying the value of any items that are lost. We recommend that you take valuable and urgent items with you when you fly, or send them by airmail, to avoid any problems.

We can, however, provide insurance for the loss of an entire package up to the value of £400 per barrel, drum or any other small packages. Full details of this are available on our insurance page. We can also supply custom export packing that meets your exact requirements if required.